Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eclipitcal Beauty

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To think it was first noticed when I was lying down looking at two beauties.
Shame it wasn't shared fully. Next time.
A month passed falls on an interstellar event.
Bizarre coincedence.

To all those that missed it, you suck.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Maritime Adventure

Interspecies Foreplay

The San Franciscan Adventures with Jill

SF Chronicles - This is how we roll.

SF Chronicles - Streets, Parks, and Water

SF Chronicles - Taqueria Zante Apaato

SF Chronicles - Vanity, Bridgity, and Parkocity

SF Chronicles - Paints and Puppies

And I love an artist

Tiger Van 1

I wish him all the best and success the world can bring. Dammit I'm going to miss him.

Times have changed.

Years have passed.
I've been a bit about the world.
No more high school.
Almost through with Saddleback.
I've enjoyed the samplings of the border.
Mexico - Family Style

Our dog perished and has since been replaced.

The world kept moving and so did I.