Thursday, December 20, 2007

STA Travel Internship

I'm applying for a Summer Internship in 2008 to travel the world and record the excursion. My god do I want this. This has to be the opportunity I've been looking for. Anyways here's my sample writing.
Recently I took a cruise to Mexico. It was an 8 night, 7 day excursion along the Western coast of Mexico. We traveled with Carnival Cruise ships on the boat class Spirit. The days at sea were slow but it was a relaxing change from the hustle and bustle of Southern California life. The boat itself was huge, some 11 decks of exploring. The boat was decorated in various styles of different eras and places. Granted the accommodations were nice but the real gem was the days we spent in port. The first stop was Acapulco, a busy crowded city. It was described to me as the place were Mexicans go for vacation. It felt like an older dilapidated San Francisco. A man walked with us around the city all day and asked for very little in return. The second port was Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa. My god what a gorgeous fishing town. It was small and scenic. It was situated in a gorgeous cove. Our tour guide, Mario drove us around and explained to us the history and other facets of the town. He even hinted if we were lucky we could get Armadillo and Iguana fish tacos. He took us into Ixtapa, a resort built by the Mexican government in the 1970s. Every store we went into offered us Tequila. Some of the best Tequila which you could never find in the States was at Casa Tequila. After wandering around "the city that never wears jackets" as Mario called it. With humidity and temperatures in the high 80s, we needed a swim. There was wildlife even were the boats were. Fish, rays, and crabs swum under our feet. We said goodbye to Zihuatanejo and my heart sagged a little. Our last stop before San Diego was Manzillo. Manzillo was just another town, no real tourists or much to show. We saw tortugas (turtles) and crocodrillos (crocodiles) at a farm. If you ever have the chance, drive down Hwy 200 in the wet season. It is absolutely phenomenal. We wandered around the true Mercado (market) of Manzillo as opposed to its tourist-y downtown counterpart. We were able to feed 6 people 4 tacos each and a Coke for 15 USD. I was impressed. With sites like "Pizza Happy" and Monkey's American Style Fried Chicken I was incredibly entertained. We lounged in the sunlight in the town center near a park. We headed back to the boat to say goodbye with not much time to spare. Once back in San Diego, I knew I wanted to go back.

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